Student Resources

School Hours

  • The school gates open at 07h00.
  • Grade 4 – 7  Classes Commence at 07h30.
  • Grade R – 3 Classes Commence at 07h45.
  • Monday to Thursday. The school day ends at 15h00.
  • Fridays end at 13h00.
  • Activity Periods and Extra Murals periods on a daily basis.
  • Daily homework periods.

School Terms 2021

Term 1  – 1 February – 26 March

Term 2 – 13 April – 9 July

Term 3 – 26 July – 1 October

Term 4 – 11 October – 15 December

Midweek Holiday – 26 April – 30 April


Lunch Packs

Every child must arrive at school with two well planned lunchboxes.

  • One small – for snack time
  • One larger – for lunch time
  • Recommendations for lunch packs will be provided with appropriate items for the various age groups.

School Uniform

Grade R children should dress comfortably in their blue shorts and blue or white shirts. When cold, the drymac or tracksuit can be worn. White socks and white tekkies must be worn with the outfit. The school cap is compulsory for outside play.


  • Grey skirt / Royal checked skirt
  • Summer golf shirt / White shirt with logo (summer)
  • Navy stockings (winter) / White shirt with logo and royal blue tie
  • Black school shirts


  • Grey shorts (summer)
  • Grey long pants (winter)
  • White shirts with logo and royal blue tie
  • Grey school socks
  • Black shoes

Grade 5 and 6 Boys and Girls:

  • Blazer with logo

Grade 7 boys:

  • Blazer with logo
  • Royal blue tie with Grade 7 emblem

Grade 7 Girls:

  • Blazer with logo
  • Royal blue check shirt
  • White shirt logo
  • Winter: Royal blue tie with Grade 7 emblem


  • Blue drymac with school logo
  • Jersey or pullover with school logo
  • Blue sport shorts with navy sport shirt, white socks and white tekkies
  • Blue girls/boys costume with KPS logo

These items are available at the school shop. Hours for the shop are from 07h00 till 15h30 every day.


Punctuality is a valuable skill that we instil in all our children from their first day. Parents and educators are vital role models in this regard by ensuring that they are always punctual. All latecomers have to report to the office in order to keep record of late attendance.


If your child has to miss school for illness, please notify the school with a phone call or email. On the return of the child, please send a sick note or explanatory letter with your child to school.


Our main entrance has a buzzer gate (pin required) and CCTV cameras.


Aftercare is provided by Kingdom Preparatory School on the premises from 15h00 – 17h15.

We also incorporate the following

  • Regular visits to our own library as well as to the community library.
  • Grades 1 and 2 will attend Speech and Drama classes.
  • All children from Grade R will attend Movement, Music, Water sport / Hockey and Soccer / Netball classes.
  • We will invite our parents to scheduled Open Days to come and observe our teachers and children at work.
  • We have a well-established intervention team should we need to assist a pupil with specific needs.
  • All Grade R – 3 children will enjoy compulsory swimming / water sport classes during term 1 and 4.
  • We have the following support services on our premises to provide therapy: Occupational, Speech and Educational Psychologist.


  • Monthly newsletters will keep parents informed about events and important dates to diarize.
  • Weekly class notices will be communicated via the teachers.
  • Parent – Teacher consultations will take place after each progress report. Educators will meet with the parents to discuss the child’s progress. You are welcome to make additional appointments should you need to see your child’s educator.
  • Whatsapp class groups will be formed so that parents can join and know more about the day-to-day life of their little ones.