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School Terms 2021

T1= Grade R and 1 — 12 January – 26 March

T1= Grade 2 to 7 — 13 January – 26 March

T2= 13 April – 25 June

T3= 13 July – 23 September

T4= 05 October – 08 December


The School Programme

We use the CAPS Programme (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement). The programme includes the following learning areas:

  • Language – Home language – English, First additional Language – Afrikaans.
  • Mathematics – Numbers, Patterns and Algebra, Space and Shapes, Measurement and Data handling.
  • Life Skills – Creative Arts, Physical Education, Personal and Social Well being.

In addition to the above

  • We incorporate Letterland and any additional international material that we deem suitable.
  • Religion – We use the Odos series of Bible stories. Children are exposed to the whole Bible in a fun and interactive way.

We Provide

  • Qualified Teachers
  • Instruction in English
  • Affordable Private Education
  • Christian Values and Ethos
  • Small Classes
  • International Curriculum with CAPS
  • Daily Sport and Homework Periods
  • Professional Support by Therapists
  • Extra Mural Activities
  • Aftercare

Registration Information

Documentation and Pricing to register at the school.